Introduction to the Book

About This Book

This book was created not only to help students entering Cleveland State University’s College Writing sequence save money on textbooks, but also to introduce my course, university resources, and common college writing genres. However, it is still a work in progress and not complete at this time.

In addition to chapters written by Melanie Gagich, this book contains complete and aggregated chapters from Monique Babin, Carol Burnell, Susan Pesznecker, Nichole Rosevear, and Jamie Wood’s The Word on College Reading and Writing as well as one full chapter from Stephen D. Krause’s The Process of Research Writing. These sections will be denoted with attribution information at the top of each section. Introduction to Writing in College was created by Melanie Gagich with support from Cleveland State University’s 2017 Textbook Affordability Small Grant. 

This work, Introduction to Writing in College, is licensed as a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0. 

About the Author

Melanie Gagich is an Assistant College Lecturer in the First-Year Writing Program at Cleveland State University and can be reached at or