While in this series of monographs we are devoting one volume to each of the twenty largest ethnic groups in the greater Cleveland area, the monograph on Serbian Americans and their communities of Cleveland deserved an exception. After reviewing the section on Serbian art by Professor Ljubica Popovich, it was agreed that her work was a valuable contribution to a better understanding of ethnicity and art as it evolved in Serbia.

I am sure that the reader will be equally impressed by this volume. It is the first of its kind in the English language; it is written in the spirit of ethnic heritage studies and is a scholarly work, as well as a work of love by someone whose origins are deeply rooted in a land which found itself at the crossroads of many civilizations and cultures. I am certain that after reading this volume, the public will have a better appreciation for the works of art transplanted to America by Serbian immigrants.

To Professor Ljubica Popovich, my heartfelt thanks!

Karl B. Bonutti

Editor, Monograph Series

Ethnic Heritage Studies

Cleveland State University


Serbian Americans and Their Communities of Cleveland II Copyright © 2020 by Cleveland State University . All Rights Reserved.

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