Coinciding with the two hundredth anniversary of the founding of our Nation is a sudden interest in the roots and origins of our people. The decade of 1970 will certainly be remembered for its quest for a better understanding of ourselves and our ethnicity.

Because of its newness as a concept and its complexity, ethnicity is often misunderstood and criticised. It is therefore necessary to objectively analyze its meaning and its role in the development of our individuality and national identity. This difficult task was given to Dr. Daniel Weinberg, a most promising scholar and historian, who has been closely connected with our Ethnic Heritage Studies since its inception in 1972 when Cleveland State University hosted a National Conference on Ethnicity.

In editing this monograph of readings Professor Weinberg selected a number of papers which were presented by noted sociologists, historians and political scientists at the 1972 Cleveland State University Conference including Richard Schermerhorn, Andrew Greeley, Carlton Qualey, Rudolph Vecoli, Joseph Fitzpatrick, Israel Rubin and Ronald Busch.

Without the editorial skills of Professor Weinberg it would have been impossible to concisely cover the broad conceptual aspect while still retaining the necessary depth for a serious analysis of ethnicity. To him my continuing and deepest gratitude.

Karl Bonutti
General Editor, Monograph Series
Ethnic Heritage Studies
Cleveland State University


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