Part II: Other Stories to Tell

5. Biography of Ray De Crane

Ray De Crane was a reporter and editor at The Cleveland Press for 44 years, from June, 1932 to March, 1977.

Starting as an 18-year-old copy boy in 1933, De Crane served as a police reporter, Criminal Courts reporter, and Federal Beat reporter (responsible for covering not only Federal District Court but also all the U.S. Government agencies in Cleveland, including Internal Revenue). He became Labor Editor in 1941.

For 22 years, from 1944 to 1966, De Crane was Assistant City Editor, working with one of the outstanding city editors in the country, Louis L. Clifford. For his last 11 years, he was Business Editor, and he retired from The Press in 1977.

After leaving The Press he got into banking and became a financial consultant specializing in retirement planning. He retired from his second career in 1986, and now lives in Westlake.


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