Module 1: What does a historian do?

Shelley Rose

Part 1: What does a historian do?

The answers are diverse. Visit the American Historical Association, “Career Resources” page and browse the following resources for our class discussion.


to “Why Historians Study History” from the Doing History podcast (approximately 25 minutes)


Drafting the Past Podcast episodes


Why Become a Historian” American Historical Association


a historian in your head. What do you see? Then visit some of these feeds


Women Also Know History

Part 2: How do historians think?

Historical Thinking Worksheet


  1. Is this a primary or secondary source?
  2. What is your source or document? (format- letter, painting, object, etc.)
  3. What is the title?
  4. Who is the author/creator?
  5. Where and when was it created?
  6. Give the Chicago Style Citation for this source
  7.  Is it reliable?


8. How would you contextualize the source?


9. What other documents would you need to understand this source better or confirm its accuracy?

10. What do these other documents say?

Close Reading

11. What claims does the author make?

12. What evidence do they use to support these claims?

PDF of Historical Thinking Worksheet

Historical Thinking Worksheet




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