Historiography UnEssay

UnEssay At a Glance

  • Week 11: Outline or Concept Map & Annotated Bibliography due
  • Week 12: Thesis Statement due
  • Week 14: Drafts due
  • Finals Week: Final Narrative due

You will create a “House of History” UnEssay (visual essay or traditional essay) where you analyze two or three “houses” or subdisciplines of history studied over the course of the semester. The essay will be at least 2000 words, will include footnotes formatted in the Turabian or “Chicago” style of citation, and will combine the primary and secondary sources students encounter during the semester. Planning assignments are included in this section. Essays are due during the final examination time period. We will discuss this essay throughout the semester.

Employ your knowledge of the historiography to support your argument and narrative framework (i.e. periodization, coverage, content). You can start from a single pioneering work and frame your essay that way or from the perspective of a subdiscipline of history as a whole.


Visual essays should be created as a StoryMap ( that includes at least 2000-3000 words. All sources must be cited using the Chicago Manual of Style (footnote/bibliography).Alternative Format: You may choose to write a traditional essay. Here are the expectations: Essays should be 2000-3000 words. Bibliography & page numbers are required. All sources must be cited using the Chicago Manual of Style


Refer to the rubric. Essays will be graded on your ability to follow the directions above as well as formatting and organization. This includes using the proper formatting for Chicago Style Footnotes. Be sure that you construct a clear, concise argument that demonstrates the importance of your chosen theme for historiography.


HIS 299 UnEssay Rubric


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