About this book

This book is a remixed version of Robin Jeffrey’s 2016 version of About Writing. It was created with support from the Cleveland State University Michael Schwartz Library’s 2017 Textbook Affordability Small Grant.

In this remixed version of Jeffrey’s book,  Emilie Zickel has rearranged the order of book sections, removed several chapters that are found in the original, and added content to each book section and each individual chapter. She has enhanced the digital reading experience by including videos and visual reading features. Finally, she has included several essays from the open source textbook series Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, which can be found here,  several links to articles from the open source website Writing Commons, which can be linked to here, and a chapter on Synthesis from Melanie Gagich’s Introduction to Writing in College, which can be found here.

Emilie Zickel is a Full Time Lecturer in First Year Writing at Cleveland State University. If you would like to contact her, she can be reached at e.zickel@csuohio.edu or at ezickel@gmail.com