List of Patrons

The authors wish to thank the following who have contributed to the publication of this book:

M/M David L. Flynn
M/M John C. King
Joseph Ceruti, A.I.A.
James Jacobson
James E.Atchison
Homer T. Borton
Gensert, Bretnall, Bobel, Inc.
Robert C. Gaede
Adache-Ciuni-Lynn & Associates
Duane S. Ellifrit
Mauno Backlond
Clay Herrick
Stevens Paiton Corp
McFadden & Associates
Martin A. Gallito, P.E.
Lisa J. Letkort
Michea A. Sweet
Edward S. Godleski
Teare, Dorothy and Wallace
Franklin R. Melena
Phillip V. Desantis
Stanley B. Ebin, P.E., R.A.
Robert F. Dalton
Akron Section, ASCE
Ferber Fence Co., Martha A. Petina, President
Erwin Ordeal
Euthenics, Inc.
Neal Fitzsimons
Dr. and Mrs. John Janssen
Price Brothers Company, David W. Sminchak
M/M William R. Cooper, P .E.
Jone M. Barlow
Cyrus H. Bliss

The foregoing Patrons responded generally to the solicitation efforts of a special committee established by the Board of Directors of the Cleveland Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.


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