Author’s Note

A History of University Circle was substantially completed in 1990. A few additions and modifications have been made to the text since then, but in conception and execution the book remains largely as it stood in 1990. Because it did not become a publication at that point, I drew on substantial portions of it for several articles in journals and for chapters in edited volumes. In some cases those publications included research done for, but not included in, the original manuscript, as well as additional new research. Most of those articles and chapters, and publications related more broadly to Cleveland and Midwest history, are referenced in this book’s footnotes and all are included in a bibliography at the end of this book.

What appears here is largely the story of University Circle to about 1985. My view of its history as expressed then, based on my substantial research in original sources as well as from reading many published works, remains my view. Yet, some thirty-five years of rich and important history of University Circle (1985-2020) are not described here. It is my hope that others will take up the writing of that history, as well as adding to, emending, or revising what I have written about University Circle. Those scholars and writers, while often consulting the same sources but able to draw on new sources, will have the opportunity to reflect on trends and developments only faintly visible in the 1980s, and undoubtedly will provide fresh views of the history of University Circle.


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