Authors’ Bio

Huiwen Li (李惠文), Doctor of Education; Chinese calligraphy practitioner and educator; President of American Society of Shufa Calligraphy Education (ASSCE, 美國書法教育學會)  (2018-2020); and head teacher and adjunct professor at Cleveland State University. At American universities Dr. Li teaches Chinese calligraphy, Chinese language and linguistics, and is deeply involved in educational research. He also has shared his expertise in calligraphy through research publications, presentations, and demonstrations with educators, practitioners, and learners.


Han Lifen (韩丽芬), visiting professor at Cleveland State University. Ms. Han taught Chinese calligraphy and Chinese language and culture at the collegiate and adult-learner levels through the auspices of the Cleveland Public Library and the CSU Confucius Institute. She has also participated in many widely popular calligraphy outreach programs for public school learners and presented research at numerous forums and conferences.


George Becker (贝可平), Chinese calligraphy practitioner. Over a career of more than 45 years, Mr. Becker has written for global news organizations and counseled China-based and U.S. companies in marketing and branding. He has had a keen, lifelong interest in Chinese history, culture and language.

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