Part I: Italians–Their Heritage and Contributions


The following works have been selected because of their scholarly presentation of various aspects of the Renaissance in Italy. Most are accessable in local public or university libraries. For an extensive bibliographic essay on major topies concerning the Renaissance the reader is referred to the work of Federico Chabod, Machiavelli and the Renaissance: “Bibliography,” pp. 201-247 (New York: Harper and Row, 1958).

The Renaissance:

W.K. Ferguson, The Renaissance in Historical Thought, 1948.
Denis Hay, The Renaissance Debate, 1965.

Various local Italian cities during the Rinascimento:

Pisa: David Herlihy, Pisa in the Early Renaissance, 1958.
Florence: Gene Brucker, Renaissance Florence, 1969.
Venice: Brian Pullan, Rich and Poor in Renaissance Venice, 1971.
Verona: A.M. Allen, Verona: A History, 1910.
Pistoia: David Herlihy, Medieval and Renaissance Pistoia, 1967.
Bologna: Cecilia Ady, The Bentivolgo of Bologna, 1937 (1969).
Rome: Rodlfo Lanciani, The Golden Days of the Renaissance in Rome, 1906.
Sicily: Denis Mack Smith, Medieval and Modern Sicily, 2 Vols., 1968.
Milan: Cecilia Ady, Milan Under the Sforzas, 1907.
The Romagna: John Larner, The Lords of the Romagna, 1965.
Ferrara: Werner Gundersheimer, Ferrara: The Study of a Renaissance Despotism, 1973.

Primary sources from the 14th-16th centuries:

L. C. Gabel, ed., Memoirs of a Renaissance Pope. The Commentaries of Pius II, 1959.
Vespasiano da Bisticci, Renaissance Princes, Popes and Prelates, 1963.
Julia O’Faolain and Lauro Martines, eds., Not in God’s Image: Women in History from the Greeks to the Victorians, 1973.
Roberto Lopez and Irving Raymond, eds., Medieval Trade in the Mediterranean World.
Gene Brucker, ed., The Society of Renaissance Florence, 1971.
Vasari, Lives of the Artists, 1946.
Cennino d’Andrea Cennini, The Craftsman’s Handbook, 1933.
Frederich W. Rolfe, ed., The Chronicles of the House of Borgia, 1901 (1962).

Specific Topics:

The Medici Family.

Ferdinand Schevil, The Medici, 1960.
Raymond deRoover, The Rise and Decline of the Medici Bank, 1967.

Renaissance Diplomacy.

Garett Mattingly, Renaissance Diplomacy, 1955.
Paul Murray Kendal and Vincent Ilardi, Dispatches of Milanese Ambassadors, 1450-1883, 2 Vols., 1970.

Renaissance Warfare.

C. Bayley, War and Society in Renaissance Florence, 1961.
Joseph J. Deiss, Captains of Fortune, 1966.
Niccolo Machiavelli, The Art of War, 1965.

Economic History.

Harry A. Hiskimin, The Economy of Early Renaissance Europe, 1969.
Armando Sapori, The Italian Merchant in the Middle Ages, 1970.
Iris Origo, The Merchant of Prato, 1957.
Richard Goldthwaite, Private Wealth in Renaissance Florence, 1968.
Pierre Jeannin, Merchants of the 16th Century, 1972.

Renaissance Humanism.

Eugenio Garin, Italian Humanism, 1965.
Portraits from the Quattrocento, 1963.
Hans Baron, The Crisis of the Early Italian Renaissance, 1955.
Paul Oskar Kristeller, Renaissance Thought, 2 Vols., 1955.
Peter Burke, The Renaissance Sense of the Past, 1969. 

Renaissance Art and Architecture.

E. Panofsky, Studies in Iconology, 1962.
E. Panofsky, Humanistic Themes in the Art of the Renaissance, 1939.
E. Panofsky, Renaissance and Renascences in Western Art, 1969.
R. Wittkower, Art and Architecture in Italy, 1958.
W. Syphes, Four Changes in Renaissance Style, 1955.
Antonia Vallentin, Leonardo da Vinci, 1938.
Howard Hibbard, Michaelangelo, 1974.


"The Spirit of Galileo is still with us, beckoning us to follow, to seek new worlds, to open new doors of the mind and glimpse something of his vision of a universe whose shores we are still trying to chart." From Colini A. Ronan, Galileo
“The Spirit of Galileo is still with us, beckoning us to follow, to seek new worlds, to open new doors of the mind and glimpse something of his vision of a universe whose shores we are still trying to chart.” From Colini A. Ronan, Galileo


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