I would like to thank the following persons for their help in the preparation of this monograph:

Mr. Vincent Ardito, Cleveland Public Schools, for his congenial advice about sources and events relating to the Italian American experience in Cleveland.

Dr. Karl Bonutti, Cleveland State University, one of the foremost exponents of ethnicity in the greater Cleveland area, scholar and good friend, for his assistance in the direction of this monograph.

Mr. Gary Brancae for his assistance in collecting and donating the Gradenego papers to the Western Reserve Historical Society.

Mr. Alphonso D’Emilia, Cleveland Plain Dealer and Il Cenacolo, former editor of L’Araldo, for sharing his manuscript and for his introduction into various circles of Italian Americans in Cleveland.

Dr. Charles Feroni, Ashland College, for his original research in the Cleveland Italian community which he graciously shared with me in the completion of this monograph.

Dr. John Grabowski, Western Reserve Historical Society, for his indefatiguable efforts in counseling my endeavors regarding this monograph.

Mr. William Kubes, Assistant Director, Cleveland Board of Elections, for his identifying and locating various informational sources on the demographic and political history of Cleveland’s ethnic groups.

Mr. Richard Mileti, Cleveland Public Schools, friend, scholar and long time observer of the Italian community in Cleveland. Several of his seminar papers on the Italians in Cleveland at John Carroll University gave me additional direction in my research.

Mr. John Terlep, Architect, for his assistance and notes on various architectural matters included in this monograph.

Patricia Bashel Veronesi, Cleveland Public Schools, who happens to be my most incessant critic. Untold thanks go to her for her excellent cartography in this monograph as well as others in the series published by Cleveland State University.


Italian Americans and Their Communities of Cleveland Copyright © by Cleveland State University . All Rights Reserved.

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