Researching a book like this requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the author with some thoughtful input from knowledgeable colleagues, close friends and family members. In some cases, they had firsthand experience having listened to KYW-Radio throughout the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. Those who were too young to remember KY-11 helped in other ways as professionals in the broadcasting field or through their personal interest in local radio history. I would like to begin by recognizing the outstanding contribution made by Mike Olszewski, a well-respected Cleveland radio and television personality, as well as consultant, historian and librarian. He saw the value of my efforts early-on. I would also like to thank my colleague and close friend William C. Barrow, the former head of the Cleveland State University Special Collections for his practical ideas and insight. The third one on my list is Dave A. Lipstreu, one of my closest college friend and avid KYW-Radio listener and finally my wife Jo who lent her support throughout it all.


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