For a period of forty years, long before ethnic heritage studies was accepted as a respected area of scholarly research, Theodore Andrica conducted one of the most unique activities in the Greater Cleveland area. He was the Ethnic (Nationalities) Editor for the Cleveland Press, a leading English language daily newspaper. Through Mr. Andrica’s efforts, ethnic communities received well-deserved and needed attention. The public became aware of the true population composition of Cleveland, and of the role ethnic groups played in shaping its political, cultural and economic horizons. Therefore, it is an honor for us to have obtained Mr. Theodore Andrica’s services in authoring Romanian Americans and their Communities of Cleveland.

The monograph is conceived as a series of essays relating the history, life style and numerous contributions of Romanian Americans. It is unique in a number of respects, delving into areas not previously covered by the authors of our other monographs, and thereby complementing their work.

The volume was enriched by the editorial contributions of Nicholas A. Bucur, a distinguished Clevelander of Romanian background, who is a strong believer in American ethnicity. His essay on “Dracula and Defamation” brings history and fiction into proper perspective. It depicts the unfortunate tendency of fictional writings to stereotype the moral character of an ethnic group and/or race.

To Theodore Andrica and to Nicholas Bucur, my deepest gratitude!

I am also indebted to Mr. Andrica for allowing the reproduction of many drawings and excerpts from a magazine which he so expertly edited, The New Pioneer. This publication deserves the attention of all those who are interested in the life of an ethnic group in America. Many thanks also to Ellen Gambrill for copy-editing the manuscript, and to Ginny Sumodi, and Karen Fredenburg for typing and bringing this project to its completion.

Dr. Karl Bonutti
Editor, Monograph Series
Ethnic Heritage Studies
Cleveland State University


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