This course examines ancient Greek religion and considers its role in the contexts of Greek culture and thought. Literary and material sources, such as epic, drama, architecture, sculpture, and vase painting will be examined in order to establish the nature and function of religion in Greek society. Topics include the gods/goddesses, heroes, cult, magic, curses, initiation rites, athletic competition, local mythic traditions, religious festivals, oracles, and healing sanctuaries.

The Pressbooks textbook is open access and is organized by chapters that correspond to the module topics on the Blackboard course page (so, Module 1 on Blackboard = Chapter 1 in Pressbooks, etc.). Each chapter includes links to the readings and/or other media. Please make sure that you keep up with the chapter assignments so that you are prepared before taking the module tests. The module assignments will include material from the two textbooks (this one and V. Warrior’s Greek Religion), so it is essential that you complete all of the textbook assignments. Also, make sure to familiarize yourself with the course Blackboard page. There you will find the syllabus, modules, discussion topics, instructions, and other important information. You may read through the Pressbooks textbook at your leisure, however, the module topics in Blackboard will also include links to the assigned Pressbooks readings (see Modules > Module 1, etc.).


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