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AI in Writing

Melanie Gagich

Facilitator: Melanie E. Gagich

Cofacilitator: Mike Okrent

Key Takeaways from the AI in Writing Discussion

The following was collected from a group Google Doc distributed on Thursday, March 9. Participants were asked to work with group members to discuss biggest concerns related to AI and writing, ideas or strategies to meet these concerns, and how AI might be incorporated into the classroom.

Biggest Concerns about AI and Potential Strategies

Biggest concerns include:

  • That AI will foster “a reduction in [students’] ability to clearly communicate and think critically about idea”
  • That using AI will lead to an “absence of ‘productive struggle’” and an “overwhelming reliance on AI for thinking”

Potential strategies include:

  • Asking students to “write about something personal and their lived experiences”
  • Approaching the teaching of writing as a process
  • Scaffolding assignments
  • “Chunking the assignment” to “help with not just submitting an AI created document”

How should AI be incorporated into classrooms? (the bulleted points were taken directly from the collaborative Google Doc)

Using AI to brainstorm

  • Have students generate information about a topic
  • Use it as reference for in-person, real time argumentation/debate
  • Have students generate something from AI for a beginning and then launch from there
  • Feed some topic or idea into ChatGPT and see what it pops out

Evaluating AI generated work as part of the writing process and/or assignment

  • Bring in an AI generated example of the assignment as a starting point when discussing the assignment with students and work through what is good and not so good with students.
  • Have students generate a text with AI and spend time evaluating it. Class discussion could center on: strengths, weaknesses, and how to use it as a tool (or) not for writing in a business environment [or other writing contexts].
  • Have students identify inaccuracies, develop accurate ideas, cite the accurate ideas (since ChatGPT doesn’t cite or it makes up citations)

AI and Plagiarism

As a First-Year Writing instructor, one of the areas I was most interested in discussing was related to participants’ views of AI and plagiarism. A week or two prior to my facilitation of the AI in Writing discussion, I found that a student in one my First-Year Writing courses had used ChatGPT to help them write a paper. My initial reaction was one of shock, disappointment, and concern. However, after participating in this Faculty Learning Community, I began to question my immediate emotional responses. I found myself thinking that I need to work harder to clearly incorporate AI discussions into my classes and decided to ask my fellow community members how they felt about this issue.

The following images were collected from a short, informal survey distributed to the members of the AI Faculty Learning Community prior to the AI in Writing discussion on March 9.

This image shows participants' responses to the scenario "You discover a student has used AI (without notifying you) in a major writing project, which of the following emotional responses best represents how you might feel?" The majority (40%) of respondents chose "disappointed."
Image 1. This screenshot shows participants’ emotional responses towards a student using AI on a writing project.
This figure shows participants responses to the question, "Is AI in writing plagiarism?" 7 participants said "maybe," 2 said "yes," and 1 said "no."
Image 2. This images shows participants responses to the question “Is AI in writing plagiarism?”

Specific Resources Related to AI and Writing

Assignment Idea:

Citing ChatGPT:

Cleveland Teaching Collaborative Resources on AI & Writing


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