Artificial Intelligence in Teaching & Learning

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This Faculty Learning Community (FLC) met five times during the Spring 2023 semester at Cleveland State University. This Pressbooks section includes the findings from the Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning FLC. For the full call for participants visit

View the recording of the findings presentation on April 25, 2023  (CSU Only Recording)

Description and Table of Contents

The FLC included 30 faculty members and 4 facilitators from across disciplines to investigate how AI can be integrated into our classes to enhance student learning and engagement, while also addressing the challenges and ethical concerns that arise. We met regularly throughout the Spring 2023 semester to share ideas and collaborate. This is a summary of our discussion and findings that was presented to the CSU community on April 25, 2023.

What are the Challenges of AI in Higher Education How Can We Use AI to Teach Writing & Critical Thinking? How Can AI Be Used As a Tool, Not a Crutch? How Can College Students With Diverse Neurotypes Harness AI? How Are Learners and Workers Using AI? What Should I Write on My Syllabus? How Do We Envision the Future of AI in Higher Ed? Logo of Cleveland Teaching Collaborative





  • Jessica Bickel
  • Melissa Clark
  • Melanie Gagich
  • Michael Okrent
  • Shelley Rose


  • Judith Ausherman
  • Joanne Goodell
  • Nicole Hanna
  • Heather Hill
  • Claire  Hughes-Lynch
  • Sathish Kumar
  • Selma Koc
  • Chih Hao (Justin) Ku
  • Xiongyi Liu
  • Yuchen Liu
  • Hiram Lopez Valdez
  • Luiz Martins
  • Emily Rauschert
  • Brian Ray
  • Karla Reese
  • Andy Resnick
  • Harlan Sands
  • Leah Schell-Barber
  • Marcus Schultz-Bergin
  • Patricia Stoddard Dare
  • Doreen Swetkis




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