Artificial Intelligence in Teaching & Learning

Reflection and Paths Forward

How Do We Envision the Future of AI in Higher Ed?

How do we envision the future of AI in higher education?

AI is going to be something our students are using in both education and their careers moving forward and so it is important that we teach them how to use it as a tool the same way that a calculator or a grammar checker is a tool. Using predictive text for computer programming may open up possibilities for student assignments in classes without programming pre-req classes. We will simply have to be creative with our assignment design and educate our students in class about what these tools do well and do poorly and teach them to think critically about output (a skill we already hope they learn!) – JEB


As I think about moving forward with these new technologies, I can’t help thinking of how people may have thought about calculators in math classes when they first became widely available. In some ways, that must have felt like “cheating,” but we slowly settled on both 1. People should first be able to do things “by hand,” but 2. once they can, you can save a lot of time with a calculator and thus work on more interesting questions. It seems from our discussion that AI can offer something similar, a way to speed up aggregating information so that students can engage with more interesting questions. It also offers many opportunities for students to analyze strengths and weaknesses of AI output. – ESR
I envision AI as an individualized tool that increases equity in higher education by making lessons accessible for students from all backgrounds and abilities to participate and grow. -MAC

Where does CSU go from here?

Options for further discussion

  • Symposium at CSU considering the broad impacts of AI on higher education and society
  • AI meetup or continued use of Teams site
  • CFE workshops in regular programming
  • Work with campus partners. For instance OpenCon Ohio will have Maha Bali as a keynote speaker:



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