This study will concentrate on the more than 130-year evolution of the U.S. automobile industry and the important role that dealerships have played in ensuring its long-term economic and financial success. Local distributors have successfully sold vehicles and implemented the innumerable corporate policies that have emanated from Detroit manufactures over those many years. Those same distributors have also carefully nurtured special ties with their many loyal customers. Dealers not only offer good car deals for their many satisfied customers; but also, provide them quality repair services upon demand.

Distributors in large cities such as Cleveland, OH symbolize the heart and soul of the domestic auto business, as we know it today. Where would we be without them? Equally important, the sound business principles practiced by countless numbers of successful dealers throughout the history of this vital industry have not lost their luster or significance in today’s hectic world. In fact, many of them could easily serve as the basis for successful business strategies yet to be development in our technically advance world. I wish to thank my colleagues and friends at the Cleveland State University Michael Schwartz Library, including Mr. William C. Barrow, Head, Special Collections, Mr. Ben Richards, Reference Generalists and Business Librarian and Mr. Gary Jamison, Volunteer Researcher for their special assistance throughout the writing process. Special thanks to my wife Jo for her moral support throughout this endeavor.