17 Styles for Strong and Emphasis – Avoid “B” and “I” buttons in Word

Heather Caprette

Avoid the Use of the B or I Buttons under Word’s Home tab

You’ll want to avoid the use of the B (bold) or I (Italic) buttons and use the Strong or Emphasis styles found in the Styles pane respectively.

Arrows pointing to Word's B and I buttons on the Home tab. Don't use B or I.

If you would like your text bolded, use the Strong style in Word’s Style pane. If you want to create italicized text, use the Emphasis style in Word’s Style pane. These will create the correct semantic structure for this type of text. Some screen readers will change their tone of voice when reading to reflect Emphasis (the style that looks like italic) and more Strongly emphasized text (the style that looks like bold text). If the document is converted to HTML, Strong and Emphasis will add the correct HTML tags around those words.


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