Chapter 12: Documentation Styles: MLA and APA

12.4 MLA Citation: Works Cited Example

Emilie Zickel and John Brentar

Below is a model MLA Works Cited with correct spacing and formatting.

Note that an MLA Works Cited

  • begins on its own new page
  • at the top of the Works Cited page, the words Work (or Works) Cited should be centered, without bolding, italics, quotations marks, or all-caps
  • Works Cited entries should be in the same font and double spacing as the rest of the paper
  • Unlike the paragraphs within an essay, Works Cited entries do not begin with an indentation. Rather, they use hanging (also known as reverse) indentation, in which the first line of an entry is not indented, but all successive lines are indented, by .5”.
  • Sources need to be listed in alphabetical order by the first letter in each entry.
    • If you have a source with no author, then that source will be alphabetized according to the first letter of its title
    • The entries will not be numbered or presented as a series of bulleted points.






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