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“To Elijah Wadsworth Maj. Genl. 4th Division:

Agreeable to General orders, the Qualified Electors of the fourth Company district, in the second Brigade, of the fourth Division of the Ohio Militia; met a the house of James Kingsbery, Esq., at eleven o’clock forenoon, and maid choice of three Judges and a clerk, and when duely sworn proceded and made choice of Lorenzo Carter Captain, and Nathaniel Doan Lieutenant, and Samuel Jones Ensign for sd Company given under our hands and seals at Cleveland Trumble county ; this seventh day of May one thousand eight hundred and four.


James Kingsbery

Nathaniel Doan

Benjamin Gold,{Judges of the Election.”}



“To Elijah Wadsworth, Major General of the 3d Division of Militia of the State of Ohio:

SIR:-We, the undersigned, hereby beg leave to represent that the proceedings of the company of Militia, on Monday, the 7th day of instant May, in choosing officers, in our opinion, illegal and improper. Firstly. By admitting persons under the age of eighteen years to vote, and Secondly. By admitting persons not liable to do military duty to vote. Thirdly. In admitting men to vote who did not belong to the town. Fourthly. By not comparing the votes with the poll book at the close of the election. We also consider the man who is returned as chosen Captain ineligible to the office. Firstly. By giving spiritous liquors to the voters previous to the election. Secondly. On account of having frequently threatened to set the savages against the inhabitants. All which charges we consider provable and able to be substantiated by good and sufficient witnesses. We therefore beg leave to request that the appointment of officers in the township of Cleveland may be set aside, and the said company led to a new choice.


Thadeus Lacey                         William W. Williams

Rodolfus Edwards                    Amos Spafford

Joel Thorp                                Robert Carr

It does not appear that this remonstrance produced any effect. At the next election Carter withdrew or was dropped, though he was present and acted as one of the judges.


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