Teaching The Quarry in Context

Chapter I

“Angus Seaton who first descended from the car, was a tall, rather slender man with a kindly face, sharp features, grey eyes and sandy hair” (p.3).

Angus Seaton characterizes of businessmen of the early twentieth century.

Columbus City Hospital

“One spring day early in the present century a small red two-cylinder automobile, one of the earliest models developed, turned into the yard of the Columbus City Hospital and drew up before the main entrance. The structure which faced the occupants of the car was built of dark red brick, pointed with black mortar. Along the cornice ran a terra cotta frieze set with metopes containing portraits in bas relief of Aesculapius, Hippocrates, Galen, Harvey, Jenner, Pasteur and others of the world’s great healers” (p. 3).

In the early 19th century, the construction of St. Francis Hospital in Columbus Ohio was considered one of the most innovative hospitals in the Midwest.

Orphan Asylum

“It’s easy enough to get the babies- there are so many of them that nobody wants! Our problem is to dispose of them. By the way, would you care to visit the nursery? We keep the babies for a short time, until they are either adopted or ready to be sent to the orphan asylum” (p. 7).

Chesnutt could be referring to the St. Vincent’ Orphanage Asylum, Columbus Ohio.


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