Teaching The Quarry in Context

Chapter XI

“The stock of Seaton Carburetor, Inc., until it was absorbed by General Motors, was one of the favorites traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and it’s bonds had always sold above par.” (p. 84)
To learn more about General Motors during this period, click this link and go to the articles “Creation: 1897-1909” and  “Acceleration: 1910-1929.”
Learn more about the history of the New York Stock Exchange.

Follow Up

Are you a little confused about how the New York Stock Exchange works? Click here to learn more about it!

“The boy was not in the house at the moment, but Mrs. Glover sent for him and he soon appeared. He was carrying under his arm a copy of Macaulay’s Essays, which he admired for their verve and brilliancy.“ (p. 85)

Unfamiliar with Thomas Babington Maccaulay? Click here to read this short biography.

Follow Up

After reading about Macaulay, can you draw any comparisons between Macaulay and Donald?


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