Teaching The Quarry in Context

Chapter VIII

“Only once could he recall in later years was his race mentioned.  His neighborhood friend, little Jimmie Jones said to him one day; “My mamma says you’re a mulatto, Donald, but that you’re a nice little boy, and I can invite you to my party.” He repeated the remark to his mother. Mamma, he asked what is amulatto?”

Several other colored physicians had opened offices in Cleveland, and Dr. Glover’s practice began to fall off. When a former classmate of his Howard University, where he received his medical education, a dentist practicing in a small Southern city, wrote him that there was a good opening there for a colored physician, and offered to share offices and office expenses with him, he closed his office in Cleveland and with his family moved to Booneville, Kennessee(p. 53).
There is a Booneville, Kentucky and a Booneville, Tennessee.
“Donald was sent to Sunday school at the Mt. Horeb African Methodist Episcopal Church, of which the pastor was a very black and very eloquent Negro” (p. 54).


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