Teaching The Quarry in Context

Chapter XXVII

 “Another letter, postmarked Avignon, France, was addressed in a flowing hand with which he was not familiar, but at the sight of which his heart thrilled.” (p.248)
Avignon, France is located in South Eastern France, near the Rhone River. It is a very architecturally historical city and is also referred to as the City of Popes due to many popes having resided there in the past.
“He recalled the love in her eyes and the tender tones of her voice when she had said she was afraid to marry him, and the ferver with which she had returned his parting kiss  when the left the train at Paddington Station.” (p. 249)

“If, as Herbert Spencer put it, the true aim of philosophy is to promote human happiness, if he could outline and incalculate a philosophy of life which would contribute to it’s end, his own people would profit by it as well as others and, besides, it would be, so to speak, a feather in their cap.” (p. 253)


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