Teaching The Quarry in Context

Chapter XVI

 “ They might, at the hands of genius, like that of Dvorak or Coleridge-Taylor furnish themes or motifs for finished work;”  (p. 136)

 when harmonized by competent musicians like Johnson…”  (p.136)

*According to Dean McWilliams, Chesnutt may be referencing any of the three musicians mentioned here:

John Rosamond Johnson – composer of “Lift Every Voice and Sing”

 James Weldon Johnson – lyricist  of “Lift Every Voice and Sing”

(Francis) Hall Johnson – Choir Director

  like Johnson and Burleigh, they made admirable music for choral singing…” (p. 136) 

 “He felt, when later on he heard Roland Hayes sing “Steal Away to Jesus, as he had felt when …”  (p. 136)

“They saw Eugene O’Neill’s The Emperor Jones, with Gilpin in the title role, and agreed that he had the finest speaking voice of any actor on the stage.”  (p. 138) 

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Eugene O’Neill, author and playwright gives a summary of “The Emperor Jones”.

He had seen Gilpin and Paul Robeson in The Emperor Jones and other Eugene O’Neill plays, and had admired their superb acting but…”  (p. 145) 

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To hear Paul Robeson, click here.



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