Teaching The Quarry in Context

This section will give you access to information about the fictional and actual people, places, and things presented in The Quarry with a chapter-by-chapter account. You will navigate to related links and their association with real people and places.  The chapter number and other interesting references will appear in bold type and the name will appear as a hyperlink in a passage from the chapter.  There will be additional options that will lead you to other associated links, as well.  These links will carry you to images, virtual tours, little known facts and/or games about the people (real and fictional), all to enrich your knowledge and enhance your reading experience of The Quarry.  For example:

Chapter IX

Don Quixote

“That cynics might sneer and declare that he was merely a futile Don Quixote tilting at windmills…”  (p.66)

Now you can click on the highlighted name and go to a link to find out more about Don Quixote or go to the box below:

Enjoy the tour of the Don Quixote Exhibit

Page numbers attributed to The Quarry by Charles Chesnutt, edited by Dean McWilliams, Princeton University Press, 1999.


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