Peer review is an important part of developing effective teaching materials and assessments. Peer review can range from a formal process (academic journal or press) to informal (working with colleagues at your school or in professional development activities).

Peer Review Activity

You will be assigned a DBQ created by your classmates. Follow these instructions to complete the peer review process.

  1. Read the question and sources. Go to your class Project Lab space. Find the folder that corresponds to the DBQ group you have been assigned to review. Create a document in the folder and answer the question in that document as if you were a student. Be sure to include your name(s) in the document. If you complete the peer review in your group, be sure to include all of your names.
  2. Go to the Project Lab discussion channel. Post your reflection and constructive comments about the DBQ you answered and reviewed. Each student is expected to post feedback individually.
  3. Locate the feedback on your DBQ in the discussion. Respond to the peer review feedback and think about how you have or will fix the issues in your final DBQ draft.
  4. After you complete your revisions on the DBQ, post a short video reflection (you may also choose audio or written response) on how you used the peer review feedback to improve your site. You should also respond to one of these prompts:
    • What did you learn about historical thinking?
    • What did you learn about writing assessments?
    • What did you learn about world history?