Historiography of World History

Press Release: Textbook Edition

Shelley Rose

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ssay Schedule

Press Release At a Glance

  • Week 3: Choose a topic and submit your outline
  • Week 4: Draft your Press Release
  • Week 5: Editing & Peer Feedback
  • Week 6: Press Release due

This press release assignment is an exploration of world history narratives in common textbooks used in PK-12 classrooms. It is intended as a brief, intense writing exercise for a general audience where students practice career readiness skills such as communication and application of information technology. Textbook press releases that complete all stages of editing will be published on Social Studies @ CSU.


  1. Choose a world history textbook or Open Educational Resource (OER) that could be used in a PK-12 classroom. For example, The Big History Project https://bhp-public.oerproject.com/. You may also use a textbook from your student teaching/apprenticeship site or for CSU students browse Scholar Michael Schwartz Library using the search term “curmats.”
  2. Write a press release around 1000 words (notes not included). You may use any formats supported by WordPress.
  3. Assignment Materials and Rubric available in Appendix 8.

Elements of a Press Release

Use the following criteria to evaluate the textbook in your press release:

  • Periodization
  • Regional coverage
  • Illustrations/Maps
  • Treatment of marginalized populations, gender, and/or class
  • Supplemental resources – i.e. online tools, source readers
  • Organization/References
  • Citation for First Edition/Printing (Chicago Style)
  • Press Release (the analytical text of the press release, or the video and transcript, 1000 words)

Sample formats for your press release

Finding Textbooks/Open Educational Resources

Use the following resources to locate and review textbooks and open educational resources

World Historians on Teaching, Periodization, and Organization

Inspiration for this assignment came from concluding comments by historian David Perry in Drafting the Past Episode 10, “David M. Perry Writes Out Loud.

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