Historiography of World History

Textbook Review Essay

Essay Schedule

Step 1: Starting Point Worksheet

Step 2:  Essay Due

Step 3: Optional Revised Essay Due


In this 1500-3000 word essay, you will review two world history textbooks or open educational resources. Each book or resource must have different authors-for example you should not use two volumes of the same textbook series). In your conclusion, be sure to consider whether or not you would use the book to teach your own course. You should focus on one or two historical examples from each book to organize your essay.

Criteria for evaluation (any combination of these may be used in your review)

  1. Periodization
  2. Regional coverage
  3. Illustrations/Maps
  4. Treatment of minority populations, gender, and/or class
  5. Supplemental resources – ie. online tools, source readers
  6. Organization/References


  1. Essays will be 1500-3000 words. All sources must be cited using the Chicago Manual of Style notes/bibliography format.
  2. Starting Point Worksheet must be completed to earn full points on the essay.
  3. Schedule an individual meeting with your instructor as you prepare your essay or to review comments.
  4. Turn in a full draft of your essay by week 9 for review
  5. Essay revisions due week 15.


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