Information and Resources

Content Resources

HIS 104 Research Guide by Amanda Goodsett:

Technology Resources

Cleveland State University Blackboard

Cleveland State University Center for ELearning

Cleveland State University Engage365 (Microsoft Office) Tools

Andre Da Costa, “Creating your First Microsoft Sway,” September 21, 2016. Accessed August 27, 2019.

Tricia Goss, “How to Create a Microsoft Sway Presentation,” Lifewire June 13, 2019. Accessed August 27, 2019.

Critical Thinking Resources

ICYouSee Guide

SHEG Historical Thinking Chart

Writing & Assignment Resources

Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Source Chart

Chicago Manual of Style Quick Guide

History Resource Center (RT 1331)


Fall 2019 (Reacting to the Past)

Fall 2017 (Reacting to the Past)

Summer 2016 Syllabus PDF

Fall 2016 Syllabus PDF


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