Historiography of World History

Creating a StoryMap

  1. Go to StoryMaps JS https://storymap.knightlab.com/ or use ArcGIS StoryMaps https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories. (ArcGIS offers more opportunities for customization) You can sign in to either site with a Google Account ID.
  2. Create a title page for the StoryMap that describes your narrative. Also include an introductory paragraph and be sure to cite all sources throughout.
  3. Add additional locations and pins as appropriate to visualize your world history narrative. Cite sources whenever you use them using Chicago Style.
  4. Click on “share.” Publish your StoryMap and share it with the class.

StoryMaps & Visual Narratives

Useful links

ArcGIS StoryMaps

Allen Carroll, “Getting Started with ArcGIS Storymaps,” ESRI StoryMaps Team. December 17, 2020. URL: https://arcg.is/aDqTP

Knight Lab- StoryMap JS

Lindsay Passenger Wieck, “Tutorial – Creating Narrative Maps – Using StoryMap JS,” lindsaywieck.org. URL: https://lindseywieck.org/fall_2016_sf/storymapjstutorial.html

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