This Modern World History book is designed for undergraduate students and instructors interested in the intersections of historical thinking and diverse learning strategies. It is an open educational resource (OER) that relies on digitized world history content and primary sources.

Historiography of World History

The resource was originally created for the HIS 104 Modern World History survey course at Cleveland State University. In 2020, the editor added Part II which focuses on the pedagogy of world history for the HIS 370: “Global Interconnections” course. “Global Interconnections” is a historiography of world history course required for social studies majors at Cleveland State University.

Reacting to the Past

This OER also includes materials that complement the Defining a Nation “Reacting to the Past” live-action role playing game. The game is written for approximately 30 student roles. In Part III of this book, the game is scaled up for up to 50 players.


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