Historiography of World History

13 Prewriting Scavenger Hunt

It is important to think about your research process, not just dive down rabbit holes in your research phase of prewriting. Use this “scavenger hunt” to start your research process.

  1. Decide on a general topic for your narrative. Think about periodization (time), geography (space), and the types of evidence you will use to support your argument. Put this at the top of your prewriting document.
  2. Visit the Michael Schwartz Library site (or the library catalog at your institution). https://library.csuohio.edu/ 
  3. Use the search feature to do a preliminary search of your topic.
  4. Find one of each of the following types of sources and provide the Chicago Style Citation. Also include at least one sentence describing how the source supports your world history narrative. You can copy and paste the text below into a word document and fill in your sources.
    • Secondary Source: Monograph
      • a book, typically single-author that makes a historical argument about your topic
    • Secondary Source: Academic Journal Article
    • Secondary Source: Academic Blog or Digital Humanities project
    • Secondary Source: Any format
    • Primary Source: Document
    • Primary Source: Object
    • Primary Source: Map (we will talk about maps in class)

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