Historiography of World History

Intro to Historiography

Shelley Rose

“Global Interconnections” is more than a world history survey course. This section of the open textbook introduces the field of historiography with a focus on world history.

Historiography is the study of how historians analyze and write history.

Overviews of Historiography

Check your reading schedule to see if your instructor has a preferred video for this section. If not, watch or listen to one or all of the following overviews of historiography.

Emily Blanck, “Historiography, What is it?” Rowan University (2017). (6:11 minutes)

Includes the video “What is Historiography” by Kyle D. Stedham, Florida State University.

Emily Blanck, “Historiography, the History of Writing History,” Rowan University, 2017. (12:31 minutes)

Grant Hurst, “What is Historiography?,” The Casual Historian. (3:18 minutes)

 Jason M. Kelly “Introducing Historiography,” Practicing History Podcast (2019) URL: https://jasonmkelly.com/practicinghistory/2019/6/17/practicing-history-podcast-episode-2-introducing-historiography

What does this mean for educators?

This course and open textbook are also more than a typical historiography course. “Global Interconnections: Historiography of World History” is tailored for educators who will teach world history at the secondary or higher education level. To this end, the exercises and assignments in this part guide the reader through the following inquiries:

  1. How do historians and educators create narratives?
  2. How do historians and educators analyze existing world history narratives?
  3. How do educators construct the narratives for use in their own courses?

Every history course is a narrative constructed by the educator.


Start by thinking about your own personal narrative. Read the following chapters. Create your own narrative according to the instructions in Chapter 1. Share your narrative in the course discussion.

  1. Chapter 1 “Narratives and Evidence,” Modern World History 

  2. Chapter 2 “Periodization” Modern World History  


Resources on Historiography of World History

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