Concentrates of Place-2022

Nonna’s House- Marianna Franco

My Place: Nonna’s House

Relative location:

15 miles from Youngstown Ohio, North of Youngstown


My place is in the Youngstown area, more north. A cute house, with bundles of flowers surrounding the front of the home. There is a big tree in the front, that is always a big project when fall comes around. This is where my family and I are on almost every Sunday for dinner, sometimes watching football afterwards. It is one of my favorite places.

Sense of Place:

My Nonna’s place has a specific meaning to me when it comes to a sense of place as it not the same for everyone. Everyone’s grandma’s house is different and has different things. This is my place as it is a part of where I grew up. This place allowed for me to grow up understanding my cultural background. As Nonna is Italian for grandma, so my Italian background is very emphasized and cooking and making food for loved ones is also very important. As well as espresso!