Concentrates of Place-2022

Krenzler Feild – Paul Jewett

Krenzler Feild, Cleveland OH

Paul Jewett

Relative Location 

Krenzler Feild is the sports field for most sports at Cleveland State that use a turf, rectangular field that is not a diamond. The field itself is north of the main campus at Cleveland State and is only across the street from the main classrooms. It is easy to access if you live on campus or go to the university and is not far from downtown Cleveland itself.

Absolute Location 

Latitude: 41°30’16.1″ N

Longitude: 81°40’43.2″W


Krenzler Field is where Cleveland State holds its many sports competitions that require a field of this sort. Soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and all sorts of intermural sports are all played here. The field is not tightly regulated, so usually, if you are being respectful to the field and those who actually play on it, you and a group of your buddies can play sports on it when it is free. The field is the location for lots of student life events and brings in lots of visitors whenever it hosts an event.



The items in my box have a deep significance in what this place means to me

  • Turf: The turf symbolizes the physical part of the field and the number of sports I have played on that turf
  • Branch: This symbolizes how much I love walking around campus, especially around Krenzler Field
  • OpSTEM Drawing: This symbolizes who I play sports with the most a Krenzler Field and one of the best groups of friends I could ask for
  • Football Drawing: This symbolizes ow much I love playing football, especially with my OpSTEM friends at Krenzler
  • Frisbee Drawing: Although I don’t like it as much as I love football, I like to play frisbee with my OpSTEM friends at Krenzler field as well