Concentrates of Place-2022

Euclid creek-Jada Booker

Euclid creek- Jada Booker 

Relative location

Euclid Creek is in Cuyahoga County, Cleveland Ohio. Near Highland Road.

Absolute location

Lattitude: 41°33’42″N

Longitude: 81°31’51″W


Euclid creek is a part of Lake Erie. It contains parks, pavilions for cookouts, hiking routes, and the creek that runs for 11.3 miles until it reaches Lake Erie. It has a host of animals from deer, snakes, frogs, and fish.

Concentrates of place 

Sense of place

Euclid creek is like home for me. For years my family has used this location to celebrate birthdays and holidays. I can remember being young and chasing fireflies with my little sister and being able to stay up late with my big cousins. The food was always yummy, and we enjoyed a lot of music. My favorite part of Euclid Creek is the creek. I love finding a path to walk down to the creek and be able to listen to the water and feel it get cooler.