Concentrates of Place-2022

Horizon Children Development Center-Mkoma

Absolute Location

Place – I picked out things from Horizon Children Development Center playground because I work their and i love children that’s why I am majoring in Educations. This is a childcare day care center where we have different age classrooms. We have infants, Toddlers, Pre school and school age. There is children play things like bicycles, swings and many more play objects for children. The park is surrounding with nature objects like trees, leaves and rocks. In my tin i collected objects that mean something in our playground.


Concentrates of place


Sense Of Place

I chose this because I enjoy the playground because I believe outside play time is important for children at the center because, outdoors provides temporary stress relief when they are running around and moving. And the playground is the only place full of sights, sounds and nature. Being a teacher taking them outside the playground is my favorite because outdoor play can also mean more mess and more mess often means more fun. I notice days when my kids play outside they are more calm and have a good nap time because the playground gives them the ability to be loud and run around since they are not able to be loud and run in the classroom. This place also gives me a memory of my childhood play time at my school playground was always where I found my energy for the day if i am tired. And children mostly communicate at the playground.