Concentrates of Place-2022

Metals in my room – Logan Sill


  • What “place” did you curate?
  • 1.) My dorm room and the metals I found.
  • What is the absolute or relative location
  • 2.) Euclid coman room that I reside in.
  • What did you include in your tin?
  • 3.)  I have some coins, a pin, a bottle opener, bottle cap, gum wrapper, and a band aid.
  • How do these items represent the “place” meaning of the location or space?
  • 4.)  Each of the items contain metal escept for the band aid but band aid are use for covering cuts which have what blood that has metal in it.
  • What does this place mean to you? What might it mean from someone else’s perspective?
  • 5.) its were i live and this shows how much metal is around use even if we don’t releases it.