Concentrates of Place-2022

Wayne County Fairgrounds – Heather Pea

Wayne County Fairgrounds

Relative Location

The Wayne County Fairgrounds is located right outside down town Wooster (wuh-ster), just before the exit for route 30.

Absolute Location

The absolute location of the Wayne County Fairgrounds is 199 Vanover street, Wooster, Ohio. Latitude and longitude are 40.79839°N, and -81.9515329°W.


The Wayne County Fairgrounds is where the annual Wayne County Fair is held each year, ever since the inaugural fair in 1850. This fair lasts six days, beginning at the end of the first week of September, and lasting into the second week. All other times of year, outside of preparation and cleanup, the fairgrounds is relatively empty. Many barns remain vacant throughout the year, except for the race horse barns and draft horse barns. The fairgrounds has a horse track made of dirt and small loose stones, with an impressive grandstands standing on the south side for crowds to watch an assortment of events, both during fair time and outside of it. The show rings in the back of the grounds often contain a lone horse, let out of their stall for some nice time stretching their legs. The fields in the back grow wild throughout the year before they’re mowed down to provide parking for the many 4-H-ers and guests. Although not apart of the fair, a few railways run through the grounds, separating the main area from the show rings, and the show rings from the parking areas.

Concentrates of Place

Sense of Place

The Wayne County Fairgrounds is a very special place for me. Although recently I’ve had some not great memories there, it will always hold a place in my heart. I would often go here during the summer to take my dog for a walk while I listened to my music. Towards the end of summer, though, I had a few bad days where I came here to be alone and let my emotions out. It’s a safe place for me, and when I’m here, I feel like I can really think about what I want, or try to figure out where I want to go. Just a few minutes walk, and less than a minute drive from my house, it provides easy access when I need it. Although it isn’t always vacant or quiet, it is always a place I know will be there for me.