Concentrates of Place-2022

Stadalsky- Grandma’s house

Relative Location

A ranch-style house in Cuyahoga County, Northeast Ohio. North of Akron, Ohio.


My grandma’s house is located in a suburban area. There is a creek/woods in her backyard. Originally, before her house was built, it was farmland. There are many trees, plants, and flowers that are around the house. Inside, there are real and fake plants. The entire house is decorated with tigers. There are Tiger blankets, pictures, stuffed animals, rugs, etc. She has always had pets in the house and currently there is one cat. When I think of my grandma’s house, I think of food, specifically chocolate. There is chocolate all over the house for the grandkids to find and snack on.

Sense of Place

My grandma’s house has always been a safe place for me and my siblings. It is the coziest house I’ve ever been in. I could sit in the living room and watch the animals outside for hours while enjoying chocolate on the couch with my grandma. My grandma’s love for tigers has made me love them too. I have two tattos of them and many stuffed animals myself. Her house is a comfort place for me and will always mean so much to me. For somebody else, it could just be a house you drive by with no thought or feelings attached. Her neighbors probably think she’s a little crazy with all of the tiger decorations everywhere.