Concentrates of Place-2022

Snow Road Park – Emily Hubbard


A park located in Parma Heights, Ohio that is part of the Cleveland Metroparks.

Absolute Location: (41.40308, -81.75707)


I curated Snow Road Park or Snow Road Picnic Area in my tin. This is one of the Cleveland Metroparks located by where I live. At this place there is a picnic area with pavilions and tables, as well as restrooms. There is also a swing-set and a creek that runs through the main picnic area. The park is surrounded by woods that are filled with multiple different walking trails. These woods are home to many different plants and animals. In my tin I collected multiple different leaves and materials from the trees that surround the trails.

Concentrates of Place

Sense of Place

I chose this location as my place, because I enjoy spending time there. I like to bring my dog here on walks, where she loves smelling everything she comes across. Throughout high school I ran on the trails here regularly for cross country practices, and I’ve made many memories here with my friends. When the seasons change I love walking through the woods and looking at all the leaves that change color. I incorporated some of the red and yellow leaves I found as well as rocks and sticks I found along the trails.