Concentrates of Place-2022

Preston’s H.O.P.E Playground; Mariah Peters

Preston’s H.O.P.E Playground 

Mariah Peters

Absolute Location

A family friendly park at 26001 S Woodland Rd, Beachwood, OH 44122.


This playground is located right near a University Hospital facility. The playground has basketball courts that surround it as well as a large parking lot for large numbers of guests. There is also a variety of houses that all have their own theme. One of the popular spots of the playground is the sand pit.

One of the houses from P.H.P

Concentrates of Place

Sense of Place

This park is close to my three-year-old brother and me. I love taking him hear and just seeing his reaction as he discovers new things at the playground. I know when he asks me to go “swing slide” he is asking me to go to Preston’s H.O.P.E Playground. The trees, sand, slides, and everything else makes our time at parks the most exciting.