Concentrates of Place-2022

flynn- home

my place

The place I chose was my house. over the past few years my house has become a very special place for me. my house is where I found my love for art, makeup and tattooing. I included a little of all in my tin. My place is located in north east Ohio north of Lake Erie.

relative location

My place is located in northeast Ohio about 15 minutes away from Lake Erie.


This place is where I have my tattoo studio and where I do all of my art and my makeup. This has been a very important place to me for the past 18 years of my life and has been the only place I have called home.

concentrates of place

My Sense Of Place

This has been my safe place for 18 years and has been extremely special to me. These objects are just some of the many things that have come out of living here. I would not be where I am who I am today if it was not for this place