Concentrates of Place-2022

Progressive Field – Abby Jakobsky

Absolute Location

Progressive Field’s absolute location is located at 41.4962° N, 81.6852° W.

Relative Location

Progressive Field is located at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.


Progressive Field Tin, Abby Jakobsky, 2022

Progressive Field’s characteristics of place are explained by the characteristics within the ballpark. These such characteristics are items given out at the games, events fans and kids can attended around the ballpark, all the different food stands, and the common idea of watching a baseball game. The location of the space was a plot of land that was able to form characteristics because a gathering place of a baseball park was created.

Sense of Place

The sense of place that Progressive field created for me is happiness and composer. As I work at the ballpark, watching baseball and working at the ballpark is a home away from home. The employees I work with create the feeling of family, while the fans always have questions that I can answer to help to give them a great experience at the ballpark. This place is unique for me because I am able to enjoy the atmosphere and the game of baseball, all while working and creating memories with the characteristics of the ballpark at the same time.