Concentrates of Place-2022

Coulby Park – Daniel

Relative Location

Coulby Park is located in Wickliffe, a suburb in Northeast Ohio.

Absolute Location

Latitude: 41.5949244

Longitude: -81.478181

Tin Box Contents


Coulby Park is a sweeping set of plains and a pond dotted surrounded by a large forest. A few houses of the suburb do peek out over the horizon, however. Many aquatic birds such as geese and ducks often make their residence here in near the pond. Squirrels, chipmunks, and deer also make their home here. A waterpark, local city buildings, and a pond are the most prevalent man-made structures.

Sense of Place

A faint feeling of balance exists here, the picturesque fields and forest contrasting with the pools and lavish buildings create a sense of duality. The old Coulby Manor, a mansion of historic Wickliffe, has been converted into City Hall, and it’s surrounding gazebos and stone fountains serve to leave a lasting impression of the unmoving history of the land. This also clashes with the Aquatic Center, a garish water park with bright colors, a large slide, and a weaving river pool are the central and most distinct attraction to the eyes. All of this is bordered by a large set of fields and gentle sloping hills, the further most of the park completely encased by a dense forest.