Chapter 1: Introduction

1.4.2 Synthesis essays by theme

Literacies at work, for fun, and at school

Secondary discourse and communication in basketball

Secondary discourse of police

Positively affecting the mind with chess

Literacies across the disciplines

Culinary literacy and its impact on society

Different approaches to writing in a science lab

The role of identity kits in physical therapy

Communication in nursing

Marching band literacy

The discourse of law

Communication and writing in STEM

Communication as a treatment or prevention for anxiety

The Literacy of Dialogue in TV & Film

Convincing Discourses

Stop the protest

How to prove ghosts exist

Deceptive discourse

Bigfoot: True or real?

African American English and the communities it influences

Black English: Consistently used, consistently stepped on

Exploring English: Ebonics and Standard English

How Music is Used in African American Society

21st century media and issues

The female gaze: A look into the realities of women filmmakers

Media literacy in commercials

Sharing a meme means sharing a message

How video games affect literacy

Identity and emotional literacy

Communication is the key in streaming

English and the global perspective

English is king

Entertainment translations

Learning Japanese as a foreign language in a classroom setting

Bilingualism as a Polish American

 COVID and learning

Reliability of virtual communication

Problems with remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

The effect of online learning on communication during COVID-19

Communicating within the Deaf community


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