Chapter 1: Introduction

1.5.2 Prospectus essays by theme

Literacies at work, for fun, and at school

Communication in basketball: More vital than thought to be

What are the literacy practices of police officers?

Literacies across the disciplines

The impact of student attitudes on laboratory reports

The crucial component of teamwork as a physical therapist

Nursing literacy

The language of music

The discourse of law

How communication can be used as prevention and treatment for anxiety disorders

Education in filmmaking

Convincing Discourses 

Celebrity political action


Application and detection of discourses of deception

African American English and the communities it influences 

Black English: Consistently used, consistently stepped on

Ebonics Education: A look into communication and perception

Hip hop’s influence on African American youth

21st century media and issues 

Girlhood on film

Understanding advertising literacy

Looking at memes

Video games in the world of education

Mobile devices and social anxiety

Fatphobia, marketing, and eating disorders, oh my!

Social media and communication

Importance of communication: Streamer to viewer and viewer to streamer

The blueprint from my research on r/wallstreetbets

Literacy in computer science

National Football League Finances

English and the global perspective

Language bias

Subtitling society

Relating to the Japanese language

COVID and learning

Technology, higher education, and COVID-19

Communication and literacy during COVID



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